West Texas Bloody Mary

West Texas Bloody Mary

This quick, easy & delish bloody mary recipe has been my all time favorite since the 5th grade – yes the 5th grade. I know that sounds like a young age to start hitting the bottle, but don’t get excited… they were obviously virgin marys. I grew up spending the summers on the Guadalupe River in Hunt, Texas at our former family ranch, Panther Creek. This place was the bomb and typically time spent there included a great cocktail out on the patio. I have loved observing those who entertain and creating concoctions, especially back in the day in the kitchen at the ranch; and the day I discovered mixing tomato juice with steak marinade, fruit, celery in the form of powder and crushed ice would be the day I made my first mocktail. I was 11 and this drink was the jam. Flash to January of 2014… the image above is of my perfected version (now contains alcohol) that I created over MLK at Lake Possum Kingdom. It was a fun weekend well spent, and these pretty and tasty drinks were the ultimate “not feeling so hot” cure that we all needed on Saturday am. After we finished 1 (or 2) the girls and I went on a glorious walk through beautiful West Texas land and hopefully burned off the cals.


  • Campbell’s Tomato Juice (I like to buy the 6-pack of mini sized cans; they are cute and convenient when preparing for a group.)
  • lemon
  • McCormick’s celery salt
  • Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce
  • celery
  • green olives (try to grab some from a grocery store olive bar… I kind of strongly dislike the olives in a jar…)
  • crushed ice (well any ice will do)


  • in this order… grab a glass, styro, tumbler or mason jar… add ice.
  • using a small cutting board slice a few lemons in half // juice half a lemon per glass and pour over ice // slice remaining lemons and set aside for decor
  • add a generous amount of Worcestershire ( i like a lot)
  • then pour vodka of your choice. Side Note: Texans prefer Tito’s
  • mix well
  • sprinkle celery salt on top
  • using a tooth pick or personalized stir stick add a few olives and a lemon slice
  • finish it off with a striped straw… because who doesn’t love a striped straw?

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